Lets go Salt Lake!!!

Soccer. The beautiful game. Played the world over and we are lucky enough to have an MLS team in our own backyard!! Besides being a short 30 minute drive from the stadium, we were able to find a deal so that our tickets were a mere $12 each. (A quick word about adventures: look for deals. This saves you money and lets you do so much more!). With such a sweet deal on tickets I grabbed a bunch of friends so we could be crazy soccer hooligans. Cheering, laughing, and booing, is always more fun to do in a group.

Just some mild mannered hooligans

Just some mild mannered hooligans

With my friends and I crammed into a couple of cars, we took the short journey to the stadium. The journey could be described as an adventure all its own, but all that matters is that we made it there in one piece – after all, a little bit of crazy driving just adds to the memories right?

Going to a sporting event is a unique experience that everyone should have. The deafening roar of cheers that occurs when the home team scores, the sight of fans with flags waving their colors around, and the smells of warm food on a frigid night all working together to cause momentary intoxication -whether you’re drinking alcohol or not.

The game was an exciting one; the Real Salt Lake definitely came out to win and they had quite a few close goals, but the keeper for the Rapids did a great job blocking. It was only a matter of time though until the crowd was on their feet cheering for RSL’s first goal. Being intoxicated with the atmosphere my friends and I went crazy, gaining more than a few weird looks in the process. However, as RSL scored again and again (the final was 3-0) those people who had given us the weird looks began to get into it as well. Like I said, the atmosphere is intoxicating. It was a fantastic match, and a great way to end the regular season for RSL.

After so much excitement we headed for food, in the form of pizza. We back to Provo and went to a nice Boston style pizzeria called Nicolitalia Pizzeria. It really hit the spot. It was cheesy, meaty, thin crusted goodness. Fresh pizza always makes me happy and pizza is often times the perfect food for hungry adventurers. It was an awesome way to spend a Saturday night. Adventure on!!!


One thought on “Lets go Salt Lake!!!

  1. such an awesome game! those who missed nick’s pizza really missed out on the best part! jk. that game was awesome. i love being on the winning team, but then again who doesn’t? I love Real Salt Lake! especially dreads. 🙂

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