Life’s Little Adventures

The past week or so has been, normal. No big adventures or crazy spontaneous parties. Is that a bad thing? No. Life is an adventure and sometimes living life is the most difficult adventure of all. With having to run errands, work, study, practice, and everything else in between we sometimes to forget to take time and reflect on our journey. To see where we are and where we want to be. I find that as I do this more, and I mean really honestly look at life, I find areas I want to improve. There are places, both literally and figuratively, that I want to be in a year from now. I think this is an important part of any journey; reflection helps us to look beyond ourselves and to see the big picture. If you’ve never done this, or if its been awhile, may I suggest doing it again.

As I’ve reflected this week I have thought about my schooling and future career possibilities. I’ve been creating goals, what I like to call my five year plan. Which, as every adventurer knows, is subject to change without notice. But these goals give me direction. Helping me evaluate what is most important.


Stay focussed and don't let go!!!



I’ve started working out again as a result of my reflection. I’ve even dragged my friend Ben into it too. Those of you who have tried to start a workout plan and failed know that desire is more than half the battle. It’s basic physics: an object in motion stays in motion and a stationary object stays still, unless acted upon by something else. In this case our will has to act upon us. It’s tough, but I’ve really been enjoying getting back to the gym. It’s still a struggle, but that’s what makes it an adventure worth taking up.

Let me end with a quote by Pele, “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”  So to all you out there, live life and adventure on!!


One thought on “Life’s Little Adventures

  1. wow… i’ll make sure to tell little holly how much an inspiration she is to your blog. hehe.
    i think it’s true that reflection is very necessary for progress, in order for us to critique ourselves and feel that we’ve truly learned from what has come to pass. life is bitter at some points, but also sweet. i think the quote by Dr. Hilmo was one of the greatest things I ever learned from my accident.
    In order to conquer all of the obstacles that come our way, we need to accept them as they come, and realized that they aren’t placed there to make us unhappy, but rather to help us become happy and grateful for the things that we have and are learning.

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