A Year of Adventure

I know what you’re thinking, I missed January and reflection of the past year is old news, but I disagree (especially considering we just passed Lunar New Year, so I’ll just go with that).  It was just over a year ago that life took a dramatic change.  It was a winter day like any other and I was studying when I received a call from my girlfriend, Martina.  She told me she had been in a snowboarding accident.  She gave the phone to her instructor who told me she was being transported via helicopter to a nearby hospital.  I got to the hospital as fast as I could and they took me to see her.  She was crying, she was cold, and she couldn’t feel her legs.  They rushed her into surgery and all I could do was pray.  I stayed at the hospital for about 12 hours.  Friends and family came to join me and calls to her family in California were made.  We didn’t know what to expect; not for the near future and not for the distant future.

*Now, fast forward through a roller coaster year of triumph and more tragedy.  Martina still has no feeling or movement in her legs, but she’s still Martina.  She stills laughs and can make a friend out of anyone.  Her desires for success remain and she strives to serve others in any way that she can. Forgive me for sounding like the proud parent of an honor student, but if you could meet Martina you would understand; she is nothing short of inspirational.

Thus, as mentioned before, February is a great time for me to contemplate life.  Not about resolutions like loosing weight or watching less T.V., but real reflection.  Considering my faith, my values, and my life goals.  Am I where I wanted to be?  Not exactly, but this isn’t cause for alarm. It helps me see just a little into Martina’s world.  So, rather than panic, any adventurer knows that they just need to find their bearings and get back on course.  That isn’t always easy, but it is possible.

On this last year’s journey I have had some amazing companions, guides, and rescue teams each of whom has helped me to get where I am today.  My faith has also been an immense help to me.  But to all those who have helped me, Martina, and our families through this rough time thank you.  I could write a post just thanking you all individually, but I don’t want  to leave anyone out; I hope this can at least be sufficient.

Thus, I look forward to the coming year and its adventures with anticipation.  Yes, I will have some troubled times, but that’s life.  It’s the successes I look forward to.  To any going through difficult times, know that you’re not alone.  A time will come when things are better just keep adventuring on.

*For a more complete account of Martina’s story please visit her blog.


One thought on “A Year of Adventure

  1. it’s been a wayyyyy crazy year. but it’s been so much better because you’ve been around to help me out through it all. you’re the best captain! adventure on!

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