Holi Colors!!!

Do you like Indian Culture?  Do you like chanting mantras to electric guitar?  Do you like traffic?  Would you like to to throw colored powders at friends and strangers?  Then you ought to come to the Holi Festival in Utah.  If this doesn’t sound like your kind of celebration, what’s wrong with you?

Once  a year in Spanish Fork, UT there is a celebration called Holi Festival or the Festival of Colors.  It’s put on by the local Krishna Lotus Temple and the festival just seems to get bigger and bigger.  Most of the worshippers are students, some are regular worshipping patrons, and others just go to see why this is the Temple’s biggest celebration.  I’m not entirely sure what the festival is all about, but what I have heard is that it is an Indian way to usher in the change in season and symbolically changing our hearts.  I’ve also heard it stems from the legend of some demon.*  Despite being ignorant about the origin of this festival, what I do know is it’s a blast!  Whether, the way we do it here is anything like India or not doesn’t matter.

This was my second time going and I have never gone away uncolored.  The best way to do so is head right into the middle of the crowd that forms and when the word is given everyone throws colors into the sky.  If you’re smart you pack some glasses or you just live with the fact that you are going to get chalked in the eyes at some point.  Martina seemed to be popular because every person we passed threw chalk on her and her chair.  Then the chanting starts (Harre Krishna, Harre krishna…), the electric guitar kicks in, and people crowd surf (one guy tried crowd surfing, but no one helped him out, and it looked like it hurt).  Going to the outside and upstairs area of the Temple gives you a great view of all the madness taking place.  It’s truly a unique adventure.  Experiencing cultural events that are local can be a great way to have an awesome adventure.  Adventure on!!

* For info on festival history and more check out their website by clicking here.


One thought on “Holi Colors!!!

  1. this was so much fun! two months later and I still have color on my chair. so for those of you out there in wheelchairs, beware of tons of color! or we could just hose down the chair after. but what’s the fun in that? jk.

    p.s. do not wash your colored whites with other colored clothes after this festival. it’ll turn pink!

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