Announcing: Adventure Cambodia

I’m going to Cambodia!!!

Best of all, I won’t be going alone…

First off, let me say that this adventure is made possible through support from family, friends, and BYU. we’ll be going on an internship through one of BYU’s many international programs. For about 3 months I’ll be interning and volunteering with NGO’s, specifically RACHA (Reproductive and Chile Health Alliance) and Pillows for Peace. RACHA does work with mothers and children to ensure that mother’s get the education and help they need to care for their children – teaching them about sanitation and immunization. P$P is an organization that helps Cambodians achieve financial independence through micro savings; once they have reached a certain level P$P volunteers help them build new homes. Pillows is only a week long service opportunity, so the majority of the time I’ll be doing work for RACHA.

DSC09559Martina and I are so excited to be heading to Cambodia, and of all the interns – those from BYU and the U of U – we’re the only Khmer speakers. And let’s be honest, Martina is a real Khmer speaker, I just play one on T.V.

So stay tuned and I’ll be bringing you updates about the internship, volunteering, and all the adventures.


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