Time To Go

Finishing this last semester has kept me pretty busy, so I haven’t really updated at all, but it’s here, the time is here! I seriously can’t believe it’s the 9th already. Martina and I  leave tomorrow. TOMORROW!!! I can’t believe it – did I mention that already? I still don’t have everything figured out either: visas, my online courses, and a bunch of other little things. Even though I’m super excited, (and I mean, who wouldn’t be?) I still feel like freaking out and wetting my pants. That may not sound much like a brave adventurer, but isn’t bravery about doing things we’re scared to do? I think it is. Being scared/nervous is part of any adventure; jumping into the unknown and giving it your best shot.

It hasn’t registered that I’m really leaving the country. I’m here in Fresno visiting with Martina’s family. It feels like Spring Break;  like I’ll just be going home tomorrow, but instead we’ll be heading to L.A.  It feels a little crazy, but it wouldn’t be an adventure without a little crazy!

On a side note, today is Mother’s day. I just want to publicly thank my mom, and all the other moms in my life, but especially mine. She is one of the greatest adventurers I know. She came to this country 20-some-odd years ago, almost on a whim. Yet, she’s toughed it out through all sorts of trials, and has experienced so much – it has been such a blessing to her. She is such an example to me and I love her very much. And in the big picture, without her I wouldn’t be doing any adventuring in the first place. Thanks mom!!!

So, to those of you I won’t be seeing for a few months: have a great summer, find an adventure of your own, and we’ll see you later!

P.S. Cambodia, here I come!!! 


2 thoughts on “Time To Go

  1. so, you realize i’m a HUGE blogger, so when you said you had a blog, i had to check it out. please don’t wet your pants! and you and martina are lovely together. 🙂

    that is all.

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