Bon Voyage

I still can’t believe that this is all really happening. I’m in the airport and I’m just waiting for my flight. Our fellow intern Krystian flew from SLC to LA to fly with us, so our lilttle band is now three. We’re going to CAMBODIA!!! What strange adventures await us there? What new trials and experiences will I have? Only time will tell. Oh, that’s our flight!

Several hours later…

Wish you were here!

Hong Kong Airport
Stepping off the plane it became very clear that I was in Asia: the humidity for one (though it isn’t too bad in the airport where it’s  air conditioned) and lots of Asian people for another (go figure). We were rushed from getting off the plane to our gate. Now when I say rushed, I mean like when a package needed to be there yesterday rushed. This was rather annoying for two reasons: first, we didn’t need to be at our gate for about six-and-a-half-hours!!! Second, we had wanted to go explore Hong Kong for a few hours before our flight, but no.  Instead we sat and ate, then we sat some more.

Several hours of sitting and waiting later…


Phnom Penh Airport
Cambodia!!! Far away from anything familiar. Stepping off the plane it was hot and humid. Wanting to practice my Khmer I made the mistake of saying this outloud to Martina and some guy laughed! Come to find out the day we had arrived was one of the coolest days in the past week and a half or so. Go figure. Everything went pretty smoothly and the airport wasn’t busy at all. Martina’s wheelchair seemed to come as a surprise to the majority of the staff though as they forgot to get it until we asked them. But other than that little hiccup, everything was great.

Some friends from BYU, Joseph and Vy, were there to meet us at the airport (they weren’t there for the internship, but they were there for other school stuff, so it worked out great). They were there with a man named Eng Bunhouch, esentially the man BYU hires to be responsible for us while in Cambodia, and a personal friend of Joseph and Vy’s.  They greeted us with beautiful flower leis and we sat and talked for awhile in the Dairy Queen (yes, my first restuarnt in Cambodia was a Dairy Queen). Then Martina and I hopped into Eng’s air conditioned car (such a blessing) to meet our host families, while Krystian rode in a tuk-tuk to Joesph and Vy’s apartment.

**Author’s Note: I don’t have internet at home, so while I’ll try to keep you updated, my posts are likely to be catch up blogs from time-to-time**

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