Beginning the Ultimate Adventure

Just a little over a month and a half ago, I took the first step in what I think will be  the Ultimate Adventure: I proposed to my girlfriend. I’M ENGAGED!!!

It’s crazy to think that it has already been over a month since she said yes.  Honestly, things don’t seem like they’ve changed too much, but at the same time they have; planning our future together seems to carry more weight to it.  I feel that I need to be more prepared as I move forward and take on the responsibility of caring for her.  In this short time of engagement I have already had several adventures–and I’m sure many more are still to come.  For example, I went to my first wedding expo to take a look at vendors, photographers, rentals, etc.  Believe it, I went with her, and I kind of enjoyed.  On a more exciting note, Martina has already lost her ring once, but don’t worry we found it.  In the dark no less–a marriage miracle!

We also entered (and won) a contest that has helped us save big time on photography, my band, and some fun little extras that are totally awesome.  We had to write a story about how we meat and why we deserved to win, that story can be found by going to A Flower Fetish (my shout out to those who have given us this amazing blessing) or take a look at my fiance’s blog Diary of a Martini girl.

I don’t include the story here because I want to dedicate this post to Martina.  She is the most amazing girl ever!  Those of you who know her would probably agree.  This past Saturday (Feb 5) it was the two year mark of Martina’s tragic accident.  Obviously I don’t call it a celebrate the day that she lost her ability to walk, but I can’t help but want to commemorate how far she has come.

For example: she has been all over Southeast Asia in her wheelchair, found every ramp into every building at BYU, she has gone swimming, mono-skiing, she’s a leader in her service group at school, and the list of how far she has come goes on.  Even the things we take for granted: getting in and out of cars, putting on our shoes, and climbing into bed have taken on new perspectives for both Martina and I.  She has been a blessing and an example in my life.

Her strength and determination are nothing short of inspirational.

I could gush over my bride-to-be for the next several paragraphs, but I don’t want to get a reputation that I’m getting soft.  We each faces challenges in this adventure of life, some more than others–even more than Martina in fact.  However, our real test of character is how we respond to these adversities.  We can give up, but how would that be?!  What if our favorite movie adventurers gave up when it got hard?  We would like a 30 minute movie.  Or what if real life explorers had been content to sit at home? So to you all I say: don’t give in–adventure on!!!

P.S. Being engaged is awesome, I hope that you’ll continue to follow my adventures (however sparsley reported they might be)


One thought on “Beginning the Ultimate Adventure

  1. AJ, I love reading your blog. You are a fun writer and I can hear your voice as I read. I think you’re an excellent young man and am proud that I am your aunt, even if it’s only by marriage. Keep up the good work, however infrequent. Love ya!
    Aunt Lia

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