Still Here

Yes, I am still here.  This time last year I was preparing for a three month adventure in Cambodia.  As a guy in my neighborhood always says, “Boy where does time go?”  I mean, people always say time  flies when you’re having fun, but I think these past several months have been some of the most difficult for me. Ever.  Sanity-destroying finals, back-breaking loads of homework and deadlines, sleepless nights of study, and the other responsibilities that come with life.  Don’t think I’m complaining.  Not in the least.  Others have greater challenges than I, but how did time fly with all this non-fun?  I think the cliche should be changed to: time flies when you’re busy.  Am I right?  Doesn’t time seem to fly when you have so much on your plate you feel like you only had one chance at the buffet line so you got two of everything on a dessert plate?  We shouldn’t do that constantly, but sometimes you gotta take what you’re given.

Despite these time consuming tasks of college, I have had the opportunity to prepare for my greatest adventure thus far: marriage.  It hasn’t always been sunshine and bliss while getting ready for this huge event; we’ve had our share of stress, frustration, and at times we thought of running away to elope.  However, we’ve stuck it out, and now we are just under a month away.  It still seems so far, but I’m starting to get a little nervous about it.  The best part of this adventure, and even about being nervous, is that I’m not going through it alone.  I have my beautiful fiance to go through it all with me.  That’s why you should always adventure with a friend–keeps you company.

While my upcoming wedding is at the forefront of my mind, I can’t help but think again about Cambodia and my adventures there.  For you my loyal readers (I’m going on faith that there is more than one of you…)  you saw only a part of the wonderful, and admittedly not so wonderful, experiences in the Kingdom of Wonder.  I still remember that warm, sticky feeling I had when I walked out of the airport, the Khmer script everywhere, and the craziest drivers I had ever seen.  Where will my next adventures lead me?  Well, stay tuned and you might just find out.  Keep on adventuring!


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