Well, I’m married!!!

For ever and ever!

The day has come and gone; all the busy planning and hectic errands have been done. Now I get to breath right? Right. It is actually a strange thing to say that I have a wife.  As the words leave my lips I think of what that actually means: the commitment,the future, and I can’t help but feel a little older. You might say that it’s maturity setting in, but maturity seems to bring a lot of aches with it–so I guess I am getting older! Seriously, I actually feel more like an adult now, but still not quite there. It is an odd sensation, I wonder if I’ll still feel this way in a few years?

It has been several months since Martina and I were married and we have been enjoying almost every minute of it (Martina is finding out those little things about me that only married couples know about their spouse and some of them have had some interesting results 🙂 ) We have had a lot of fun: we’ve partied in California, honeymooned in Florida, and worked through a term at BYU since our big day. I love having fun with my wife! As always I’m behind in my blogging and so ‘ll have to fill you in on activities we recently done, but for now just know that we are embarking on yet another adventure: BOSTON!


More to come as our adventure unfolds, just know that our layover thus far has been nothing but nonstop fun *cough cough.* Adventure on everyone!


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