Prep Time For Awesomeness

I’m excited to announce that Martina and I are getting ready for some new adventures!!! We’ve had some since my last post (I’m obviously not very good at updating this thing). We still have some work to do here at BYU before we leave, but just little things like midterms, finals, and capstone papers.  No big deal. I’m just so excited about our upcoming adventures, and we just bought our tickets, so the reality is starting to set in. The only sad part is that Martina and I will have to divide and conquer for a few months, so I’ll be missing my wonderful wife.

From June to August, Martina will be interning (place TBA) in Washington DC, and I will miss her dearly. Fortunately, she’ll have friends to help her out while she’s there. While she’s doing that, I’ll work for a little bit until July when I’ll start attending Cambridge University for a short time. I also have the good fortune of having a friend with me on my excursion; so neither of us will be completely on our own. Lastly, we’ll meet up at the end of August and we’ll both intern in Edinburgh, Scotland, most likely at their parliament.  

Like I said, we have a lot to do between now and the start of our adventures, and once we get started we’ll be plenty busy too. But stay tuned, it’s time to prepare.


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