Philosophy of Service

In a class on service and learning, (taught by one of my BYU heros, Casey Peterson) we were challenged to take our personal philosophy of service and do something creative with it. So here it is, hope you like it.

I have always believed that service is an act of faith and performing service shows love for our Savior and those that we serve. My basic philosophy of service is that service is an act of Christlike love, so when we do any kind of service its like we’re acting in the name of Christ. Thus, whether we realize it or not, we want people to see him reflected in our actions before they see us.

For my project I took photos of my friends and family with a picture of Christ in front of their faces. The picture of Christ I selected is special to me because it was a picture I gave to Martina when she got into her accident. I haven’t seen many pictures of Christ smiling, and this one has always made me feel better when I’m down. So, the pictures and words below are what my friends and family had to say about service:


Q: Who do you like to serve the most?

A: I like to serve my family, but I also like to serve other people because one way or another we’re serving Heavenly Father. Serving Heavenly Father is important because I know when I serve Heavenly Father he is happy, and when he’s happy, I’m happy.


Q: How does service make you feel?

A: Service makes you feel better because it takes your thoughts off yourself and puts it on others. 

Q: Why do you serve?
A: I serve to show my love to those that I care about.
Q: Why do you serve?
A: When you serve, you do something for the greater good; you’re no longer an individual, you’re part of something bigger. When you serve everyone, you’re serving God.
Q: Why do you serve?
A:I love to do service because it shows love to my Heavenly Father and others.  I want to make a difference in other people’s lives one way or another.  I know that the effects of simple service can go a very long ways.  Service also gives me one of the best feelings in the world, one of love, kindness, accomplishment.  It helps me become more Christlike.
Q: What does service mean to you?
A: When I think of service I think of my mission; you learn to love those you serve. If you’re having a hard time with some the best thing you can do is serve them; you can understand them through serving them.
Q: How do you feel when you serve?
A: I know that service brings us closer to Christ, as it is the pure love of Christ. I serve to become more Christlike, and to be and feel connected to the people around me. I feel that when I serve, I recognize and magnify other’s efforts–put those efforts toward helping someone or a large project, much like the snowball effect. When I serve the Lord’s children, I can feel that the Lord loves and wants to bless me more.

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