Just a Little Camping

Apparently, I have done a poor job at helping my wife to fully experience the wonders of Utah. So before she leaves for her internship in Washington D.C., we decided to go camping. Originally, we were going to head down south and hit up Zion National Park, but unfortunately we had to scrap that idea. The next logical step was to hit up Payson Lake and camp there. Obviously.

Of course, after a week of great warm weather, it decided to get cold and stormy — thus camping became even more necessary. Luckily, the storm blew out by the time we started our adventure, but were we in for an unique camping experience.

Our crew was small, it consisted of me, Martina, Anthony, Holly, and Spencer. Ben, Johanna, and her sister joined us too, but did not stay the night. We drove up Payson Canyon, where we saw a couple deer, and found a nice campsite.  We did everything good campers are suppose to do; we pitched a tent, built a fire, set our sleeping bags, and started cooking our dinners. Things were going great, but as it grew darker, it also grew colder. Now, I have done some winter camping and I can handle it — just ask Ben about a winter camping trip where we proved we could tough it out. My wife on the other hand doesn’t do so good in the cold. That night I think she froze despite the layers of clothes, blankets, and sleeping bag. I felt so sorry that she had to freeze, while I on the other hand did pretty good.

Well, in the end she made it through the night; we built a fire the next morning and later walked around Payson Lake just a little bit. All things considered, it was a fun trip (big thanks to those who came a stuck it out despite the frigid darkness of night). It definitely inspired us to go camping more often, but we’ll probably go once it is significantly warmer, or we have a tent heater and a two person sleeping bag.


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