One Year Later…

Well, I’ve been adventuring in Washington D.C. the past several days, and though I have some great stuff to share I have something else I want to share first. One year ago yesterday (May 28, 2011) I made the best decision of my life, to marry Martina — my best friend — for time and all eternity. I really can’t believe it has already been a year, it hasn’t felt like it, but maybe that’s a good thing. All I know is that it has been a great year.

However, rather than bore you with the details of our lives over the past year I’ll just tell you about our awesome anniversary in D.C.

Being Memorial Day, we did the patriotic thing and went to honor those who have sacrificed their lives for our nation’s freedom – we went to Arlington National Cemetery. Despite the thronging masses, it was a wonderful experience; seeing the number of graves and the respect that so many people have for these men was incredible. It was memorable indeed. And, perhaps the neatest part was that while we were we there we heard President Obama give a speech. Hearing the president in person is different than hearing it through a T.V. Trust me.

We visited some other cool stuff that I’ll write about another time, but to finish off our anniversary we hit up the Hardrock Café. Last year, when we went on our honeymoon to Orlando, we went to Hardrock and it has kinda become “our place.” So we decided to go there tonight for our anniversary.

As always the food was tasty and filling. Then, since it was our anniversary, they did a fun shout out that involved the whole restaurant (which I thought would embarrass Martina, but I think she liked it). We got free ice-cream to boot!

It was a great way to spend an anniversary, and I look forward to the many many more to come. Love you Martina!!!


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