Jolly Old London

Well, it’s adventure time!!! Just got to England* for my study abroad at Cambridge University, but that doesn’t start until this Sunday with orientation, so this weekend is worry free until then (more or less).

My plane arrived around 8:30 Friday morning and it only took an hour to get through the queue and have my passport looked at. It was like waiting for a ride at Disneyland, but I was by myself and surprisingly there was less instant gratification once I reached the end. Nevertheless, I made it through and met up with some of my fellow
Cambridge-going BYU classmates. After getting situated in our hostel it was off to explore the city.

Me with Saint Paul’s in the background

Our first stop was St. Paul’s Cathedral. It is a large and beautiful church. Since we got there near closing time we went straight to the stairs to explore the upper balcony areas. The craftsmanship was impressive, as was the height; the top of the dome is around 365 feet and we went as high as we could, some 500+ steps. When we got back down the Church was closing and we thought we were going to miss out on some of the other sites.  However, luck was on our side and we met a nice security guy that had a guide take us through some parts of the chapel that were closed — our own private tour. We saw a section of the Chapel dedicated to the United States’ help in WWII. It was quite impressive to see the intricate craftsmanship that included birds native to the U.S., like the bald eagle, and this part of the chapel contains the only stained glass windows. Three of them, each representing something different: service, sacrifice, and redemption. On the windows different symbols for each state at the time are included (it was oddly awesome to see the Utah beehive in a prestigious British Chapel.

The Anchor, a historic pub where we ate fish and chips

After the chapel closed we stayed around to observe evensong — the Church of England’s version of Catholic Mass. It was a beautiful service, but I am sorry to admit I was getting tired just sitting there.

The rest of the evening was spent walking around and seeing number of different things; we ate fish and chips from a historic London pub, we walked across the London bridge, and we saw Shakespeare’s Globe Theater.  All in all, it was an excellent way to spend half the day. I hope that the upcoming days are just as eventful as today.

*actually I did write this when I had first arrived, but haven’t had internet/time to post until now. I hope to catch up with that past few days soon.


One thought on “Jolly Old London

  1. gosh! i wish i could be there. be sure to leave the name of each of these places, so i can get some ideas of where to visit too. for example, that historic pub. it sounds like you are having a blast. please write more!

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