Where to begin…how about Cambridge?

So much has happened since I got to the U.K., and in a whirlwind of settling in, classes, and other school activities (including a short weekend in Scotland) I have not had a chance to just sit down and reflect. Even now, I have studies I could, and perhaps should be doing, but they can wait a for  little right?

It’s been about a week and a half now that I’ve been in Cambridge. What seemed so foreign to me my first day is starting to seem more familiar, but still so fresh. Let me explain: do you ever have those moments in life where you step back, look at your surroundings and realize just how amazing it is that you are where you are? That’s how I feel everyday. I’m use to the streets, the shops, the sounds, and the smells that I pass to and from my flat and classes everyday, but when I take the time to look at where I am a little voice says, “Holy crap, I’m at Cambridge!”

King’s College Green with King’s Chapel in the Background

I’ve had similar feelings at BYU, mostly in the evenings when the sun is getting low and hits the mountains just right, I can reflect on just how awesome it is being in college and how awesome life is in general.

What makes Cambridge so special? Well, for one thing, I’m pretty sure it is older than the U.S. Some of the churches and colleges here were founded before the U.S. was the U.S. The streets and sidewalks are uneven, and in places “paved” with cobblestone. There are a lot more stores than I had imagined; everything from food (yes even McDonald’s) and clothing to postcards and souvenirs. And of course, a ton of tourists.

Before I wrap up, here’s a little about the programme I’m here with: it’s the Pembroke-King’s Programme (PKP) and BYU is on of the few partner universities; others include Harvard, Yale, Berkley, and Brown. Every student is assigned to a college — think of this as the whole Harry Potter and the Sorting Hat concept — I’m in Pembroke college (3rd oldest college at the university). But, since I’m part of the programme, I have access to a number of resources at King’s. For example, each college has its own library, so rather than being limited to Pembroke’s I can use either college’s.

I’m nervous about all the work they expect from us, but I guess that’s why I’m here: to push myself a little further academically. This should be a great adventure. My next post should have more about what Ive been up to, so until then, adventure on!!!


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