Our Quest to Live

Front page on the day we got there

Arriving on a Tuesday morning, Martina and I began our expedition to Edinburgh with an upbeat attitude; we left Heathrow for King’s station and from there we went back to Cambridge to grab luggage we had left there [a special thanks to the nice Jamaican lady I met that gave me a ride from Lensfield road so I didn’t have to hike 20 minutes carrying 4½ suitcases to the train station – what a sight I must have been walking the streets of Cambridge].  With our luggage in hand (and on our backs and other hands as well) we continued our quest to Edinburgh.

The train from Cambridge to Peterborough, where we transferred, was absolutely packed, and we must have made it worse with our six suitcases. We must have been quite a spectacle, but the other passengers seemed to pretty understanding and the staff was helpful. I stood the whole train ride watching countryside pass by, and I must have been suffering from a serious case of jetlag because I literally almost fell asleep standing up. The ride to Edinburgh was nicer because I got a seat, but it was uneventful; it was dark outside so you couldn’t see anything and Martina feel asleep almost immediately. The train chugged along at a decent pace and we made it almost exactly on time. Getting to Edinburgh and our hotel was a huge relief — a hotel never looked so good to me before.

With our safe arrival in Scotland I felt a sense of security and accomplishment, but the trial that lay before us was indeed a daunting one – find an affordable and accessible place to live.

Now, I know that at some point in time most of, if not all of us have to look for our own housing, but that doesn’t mean it is something to look forward to.  We began eagerly, pressing forward against the brisk wind and chill of a Scottish autumn; traversing neighborhoods across Edinburgh in hopes of coming across our future home but alas, our wanderings were in vain.  We took to warmer methods and searched the Internet and sent out email after email. Our optimism began to wane, as day after day passed and we were unable to secure a flat. We were in a pickle; not staying long enough to satisfy the letting agencies, but not able to afford the short term prices. Would we ever find a flat we could call our own?

Rainbow as seen from outside our front door – a good sign

Finally, it happened. Victory! We found an affordable ground floor flat within walking distance of the Scottish Parliament. We have a home. Stay tuned as our adventure continues…



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