Palace of Holyroodhouse

Not everyone can say they walk past the official residence of Her Majesty the Queen everyday, but I can. The Place of Holyroodhouse is across the street from the Parliament building I work in at the end of the Royal Mile – Edinburgh Castle is situated at the upper end of the Royal Mile.

Every morning I see buses and tourist in and around the Palace and I think to myself, “Martina and I really ought to take a tour too.” So we did.

The Palace is an operational residence of the Queen and on her annual visit to Scotland she stays there. It has been a royal residence for centuries – Mary Queen of Scots lived there for a time, as did Bonnie Prince Charlie. Learning about its importance in Scottish history, it seems fitting that the Scottish Parliament is right across the street.

The palace is very beautiful and many of the rooms that visitors can see are quite ornate. Many of the drapes and paintings hanging on the walls are originals and are starting to show their age, but are still beautiful and look good for being centuries old. The upper rooms in the oldest part of the Palace contain possessions of royalty from long ago: swords from Bonnie Prince Charlie, hair and combs of Mary Queen of Scots, and my personal favorite – the skull of Robert the Bruce.

Maybe it’s because we don’t have any royalty in the United States, but I can’t help but feel kinda cool walking the halls of royalty knowing that I am standing where they once stood.

Well, until my next adventure, hope you all adventure on!!

An interesting fact: the tartan the staff wears is known as the Hunter Stuart since the Stuarts were once the royal residence of the Palace (as in Mary Stewart aka Mary Queen of Scots).


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