Internship Update

I know I’m not very good about keeping up-to-date with regards to my internship, but it becomes hard for me to talk about what I do every day; for me it has become the norm. A typical day runs something like this:

9.30: get into work
9.30-12.30: read the news; work on projects from the previous day that need editing or that I didn’t get to; errands for my MSP; start new projects; research; etc.
12.30-13.30: lunch with Martina
13.30-1700: continue working on projects and perhaps run more errands; turn research into writing; etc.
1700: get off work

Of course I’m leaving out all the little things like the next day or same day deadlines that amounts to some stress; researching the details to make sure we get it right – because we simply cannot have any errors; or the editing, reediting, and rereediting that takes place of my drafts. I don’t say this to be sarcastic or complain, on the contrary, this is what makes work interesting. This is why I came on an internship; to be pushed, to be pulled, to improve myself and get some hands-on-experience. Sure, it isn’t always sunshine and rainbows and I have a lot to learn, but I genuinely enjoy it here.

But the best part has been seeing the fruits of my labours. Below are some links to pieces I’ve written and that have actually been used in local papers in the Highlands and on Dave’s website. Take a look.

Dave on Psoriasis Day

Dave on Bogus Calls

Dave on Drink Driving [this piece has a combination of my writing and somebody else’s. My part is towards the bottom starting at, “Meanwhile drink drive campaigner Dave Thompson…”]

Dave on Crofting

That’s it for now, thanks for being a part of my internship adventure!


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