Recess Part II: Barcelona

Beautiful Barcelona — I had no idea what I was getting myself into by going to Barcelona. I knew three things about the whole of Spain: paella, futbol, and bulls. I looked at a travel book, but it was not the most helpful — everything sounded so cool! Castles, museums, monuments, and beaches. I didn’t know what to actually go and see. So rather than figure it out ourselves, we just grabbed a two day hop-on, hop-off tour bus pass and let them tell us what was worth seeing.

I had used these types of buses once when I was in London, and you can argue you only see the touristy stuff, but as Chris Tucker said in Rush Hour 2, “I am a tourist fool!” Plus, when time is limited, as ours was, it’s nice to not worry about bus/metro/tram maps and timetables. It worked really well for us this time and I felt we still got a good taste of the city and Spanish Culture. Oh, and a big bonus is that all the tour buses are wheelchair friendly (we found out later all the regular buses and a number of the metro stops are also accessible).

Again, let’s just stick with some highlights of the trip to this beautiful, sunny, friendly country (looking outside I wish I was there on a beach and not thinking of bundling up and bringing an umbrella).

Gaudi – this guy is everywhere, figuratively speaking. We saw some apartments he designed, a Basilica he designed (construction began before his death in 1926), and a park that he designed. I hadn’t had much exposure to Gaudi, but after two days straight of seeing it all over the place I came to really like it, especially the park and the Basilica.



Beach – admittedly, we did not spend much time on the beach. Just the morning before we caught a plane to Lisbon where we had paella for lunch. However, the beach was gorgeous. The sand, the sun, the food, it was so picturesque.

The most unfortunate part is that we didn’t get to see more. There was a ton of stuff we didn’t see and I would have loved to catch an FC Barcelona game to see Messi play. But maybe next time. Our adventure continues, in Lisbon!


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