I know I talk about food in my other posts sometimes, but I was just thinking of the foods I’m going to miss when we leave this place in about 2 weeks — yikes!! It isn’t even like Martina and I eat out all that much, but you don’t realise how much you’ll miss something until you realise it won’t be there anymore.

For starters, I’ll miss fish and chips. This stuff is everywhere and I just love me a fish supper. I tell little Holly that if she ever wants to come to Scotland she needs to learn to like fish and chips. She apparently doesn’t want to come to Scotland…

I’m also going to miss the great soda Irn Bru. Mind you, I don’t drink it that often, but I know I’ll miss it when I’m gone. There is a little place in Provo that has a soda similar to it, so I may have to go there more often to get my fix.

I’m going to miss that everything comes in a pie or roll, i.e. macaroni pies, pasties, and sausage rolls among others. Why do they put everything in some sort of crust here? Cause it makes it delicious!

Chocolate. I love chocolate. All chocolates, except for white chocolates. I know we have chocolate in the US, and I do love that chocolate too, but there are so many here I haven’t gotten to try yet.

Scones are another one I’ll miss. These things are great with some clotted cream and a fresh black currant jam (of course any jam will do). On the plus side, I’ve been learning how to make them so I guess I won’t have to miss them too much.

Oh, and I can’t forget a full Scottish breakfast: eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, beans, toast, and tomatoes. Epic.

What about haggis you ask? Well, I don’t know that I’ll miss it, but maybe I will…maybe.

This list is particularly unhealthy isn’t it? I feel a little guilty about what I’m going to miss, but I promise I’ve actually been pretty healthy while I’ve been over here. Except for that time I ate a deep fried mars bar

Overall, I’ve had a pretty fantastic food adventure here in Scotland.


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