Holy Hollywood!

It goes without saying – but I’ll say it anyways – that Hollywood distorts the truth all the time and we love it, me included. For example, as I learn more about William Wallace from my own research and from tour guides, the more I come to understand that the film Braveheart is historically rubbish. Seriously. About 20% of the film is accurate, but the other 80% is simply historical rubbish. But…it’s still great film, and as 2014 draws near I’m sure more people will make reference to it and its cries for freeeeeedommmm!!!

So was I surprised about the inaccuracies that surround Hollywood’s portrayal of Rosslyn Chapel in the Da Vinci Code? Nope. To be fair, the film is based off of Dan Brown’s novel – and yes I have seen the movie and read the book. I don’t really want to go into the inaccuracies, but I just had to make this clear before I went on. Some people apparently were unaware that Hollywood and Dan Brown were creating fiction, so after the film was released hundreds of thousands of people flocked to Rosslyn for a variety of reasons — one man wanted to chop portions down looking for treasures and he brought his own axe just in case the chapel didn’t have one he could borrow.

After visiting the chapel I can honestly see why Mr Brown would include it in his book, the chapel is so interesting. There are legends surrounding the chapel. There is one about some knights who were buried there after returning from the Crusades and after they had been placed in the chapel it is said the chapel burned red from the inside as if on fire, but upon inspection there was no fire.

Additionally, there are a number of interesting stone carvings, specifically of ‘Green Men.’ Some believe these ‘Green Men’ are pagan symbols that made their way into the Chapel, while others argue they are a symbol of Adam (there is a story associated with that) or man’s ability for both good and evil.

Also, there is an angel playing the bagpipes located in the Chapel. No legend here, I just love the Scottish touch.

It was truly unique and well worth the little day trip we took to get out there for our code breaking adventure.


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