Weekend in Dublin

I have wanted to go to Ireland for a long time, a dream destination if you will.  I also have a friend, Kyle Tresner, who lived in Ireland for two years as a missionary who would tell me how great Ireland was and how much he loved it.  So going to Ireland was as much fulfilling my own dream as it was to experience, to a small degree, the incredibleness of Ireland that Kyle always told me about. And it was pretty great.

Martina and I had all day Saturday and Sunday to explore Dublin.  We saw old Cathedrals, a number of museums, the Castle, and Trinity college.  Unfortunately we did not see the Book of Kells or the take the Guinness tour, but next time. And while this was all great, the best part of both days was dinner.

Leaving our hostel we walked down the street and into a pub, thinking it would be a typical pub.  We walk in and I take a quick glance around: football is on the tele, old men are all sitting around having a pint, and there is nowhere to sit.  Literally all eyes turn to us.

We must have looked so out of place in this little pub full of old locals: a young looking couple, clearly not locals, in our snowboard coats and beanies (Martina’s looks like a panda and mine is bright green).  I felt absolutely foreign.  And the men, they all just stared at us.  No one said anything.  Seeing there was nowhere to sit I was about to tell Martina we should leave when a gentleman at the bar finally speaks up.  He tells us we’re in the wrong spot and how to get to the place we actually wanted to be. We hurried out and went next door, and sure enough we found what we were looking for.  I was almost embarrassed, but it was just too funny to be embarrassing.

Sunday, we went to an area known as Temple Bar (it was Sunday after all) and found a fantastic restaurant.  The food was hot and the atmosphere was inviting, but I felt something was missing; something was out of place. Then a man’s voice came as if from the heavens, a guitar and fiddle followed, and before I knew what was happening Irish melodies filled the room.  It was awesome and it’s what was missing.  They were a great little band and we sat there listening for the longest time, until we finally dragged ourselves out and back into the cold.

A weekend really wasn’t enough, but it was still a great adventure.


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