Going Back East

It’s summer time and that means the travelbug has hit me again (of course, I generally seem to be permanently affected with this virus or maybe it’s an addiction…) so I’m excited to be headed back to the East Coast this week.

First up is a visit to our nation’s great capital: Washington D.C. I’ll be there taking part in the BYUPAS event from Thursday to Saturday. It should be a really unique opportunity. Martina and I will get to make some job site visits and take a “behind the scenes” look at what it’s like to work in D.C. Martina already has an idea of what to expect, but we’re both really excited.

Following a romp through Washington D.C. we’re headed to Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New York for family, fun, and faith. Martina’s sister Molly is graduating from Brown University with all sorts of honors – we’re so proud of her 🙂 However, there’s no way I could go to New England and not visit my old stomping grounds in Boston. Following our adventures in Bean Town we’re going to take a small road trip to visit Palmyra, NY and see some the sacred sites of the LDS religion. The best part is that Anthony and Holly will be joining us for the latter portions of this adventure and I’m excited for us to explore and experience the East Coast together.

Whew. That seems like quite a bit to cover in only two weeks, but as a graduate of college people are expecting me to start being a mature adult and to get a job. So I’ve to get to my travels in when I can.


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