Missing Marty

It’s been harder to be without Martina this time than it was the last time we had to be separated. Maybe its because the last time she wasn’t pregnant; maybe it’s because I remember being in Cambodia with her the last time, but not at Cambridge; or maybe it’s for a reason I haven’t thought of yet. In any case, to try and digitally bridge that gap between us and share in each others’ adventures, we’ve decided to try and do a pic-a-day on our blogs. I don’t guarantee a lot of writing (I can hear the cheers from here guys…), only what time allows and necessity dictates. It should be a fun activity and more than anything I look forward to seeing what Martina puts up (I have a link to the side if you want to check out her blog too!)


Day 1: See the dinosaur!

This photo is dedicated to Martina (obviously, because last time we came to this temple (Ta Prohm), but we didn’t get to see the dinosaur. This time I did, boo-ya!!!

So, I’m going to cheat with this whole picture-a-day thing and upload another for this one. BUT only because we visited a few more temples this time that I didn’t visit last time, and it would be misleading to suggest that the only new thing I saw was this dinosaur carving (which, by the way, is a legitimate carving as far as I know). DSC_0261

This picture was taken at Beng Mealea Temple. I got separated from the group (long story short: I got separated) and ended up being shown around this place by an older Cambodian gentleman. The place is as old as Angkor Wat, but it has been destroyed as the jungle has worked to reclaim it. I seriously kept thinking about the Jungle Book, Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider, and Temple Run as I climbed over walls and up ruins. It was incredible. I was definitely getting my adventure on here!


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