Rooftop Ramble

Another day, another post 🙂

Today’s photo takes place on the roof of my hostel (where I do laundry). It was a really nice evening last night – there was a cool breeze blowing through Siem Reap, lightning dancing in the distance with no rain, and the sounds of Cambodian life filling the evening sky. The hostel is right by the cities main market, but is quiet enough to be private.

Roofs of the Night Market

Day 2: Roofs of the Night Market and beyond

As I stood on the roof, it gave me a new perspective on the area. On the one side was the market: lights, crowds of tourists, the night life of Siem Reap. But looking another direction the street was dark, children were out playing, the buildings looked poorer. It was a striking juxtaposition. I wondered, how many tourists get to notice this? Do they care about the people here, or are they too worried about $10 massages and $1 drafts? And, if they did notice and they did care, would it change anything? I’m not trying to guilt trip anyone, but as Robin Williams pointed out in the Dead Poets Society, we must constantly try to look at things in different ways. Give it a shot on your next adventure.


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