Somethings Old and Somethings New

Day 14: Sets of doorways in Toul Sleng

Day 14: Sets of doorways in Toul Sleng

Today was a day of oldies and newies (I guess we’ll go with that…) Starting out we went to the National Archives. As the name suggests it is the premier place in Cambodia for finding old documents and a number of other items too. I had never been, so I was interested to see what it would be like. Nothing mind-blowing, but I learned how the staff preserve the various documents and how difficult and important their work is. It made me appreciate all the work that has been done to preserve history in other parts of the world. Afterwards we visited another important place for Cambodian history – Toul Sleng. I wasn’t sure what it would be like to go back, but I was really looking forward to it. Viewing the exhibits, it was hard to see pictures of those who suffered at the hands of the Khmer Rouge; some looked angry, others scared, some hopeless, but all of them innocent. A survivor of the prison was there, unfortunately I didn’t talk to him much, it was just neat to know I met him.

Day 14 X-tra: An old favorite :)

Day 14 Xtra: An old favorite; Bojangles, not necessarily the drink menu

On a happier note I had a really nice food day. My stomach had been killing me in the morning (I think I ate some lettuce that I shouldn’t have when I went out with some of the Khmer Students), but by the afternoon, and after some medicine, I was feeling exponentially better. So what better way to celebrate than going back to a favorite of mine and Martina’s – Bojangles. I got a club sandwich (which was a regular choice for Martina at just about every cafe we went to) and some fries – sorry no picture guys, you’ll just have to imagine the deliciousness. Then my friends and I hit up the Dairy Queen on our way home (I can’t remember if it was there before, but we never went if it was); a sweet treat definitely hit the spot. Then, to top it all off, I played a few rounds of pool with my friends. Today was certainly a memorable adventure!


One thought on “Somethings Old and Somethings New

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful adventure. So good to hear about it. Wish I could be there too. But I’m sure it’s totally different with singles too 🙂

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