Sad Past

Day 22: Skulls at The Killing Fields

Day 22: Skulls at The Killing Fields

Recently, we went to the Killing Fields near Phnom Penh. It’s a hard place to visit, knowing how many people were just killed and buried in mass graves – even little children were brutally murdered here. A sad chapter in this Cambodia adventure I’m having.

Since being here in Cambodia I have heard more than once, from actual Cambodians, that people should be more sympathetic towards the Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot. I simply cannot understand that. It would be like Germans or Jews saying, well Hitler wasn’t all bad…WHAT!!! If anyone has an explanation about how Cambodians can be sympathetic towards these people please let me know. It just blows me away.

A friend of mine suggested that if they bring up the fact that the US, Vietnamese, and others were responsible for some of the deaths it helps them cope with the fact that Khmer killed Khmer. It is true that other countries were certainly not the wonderful saviors they might like to think they were, but the Killing Fields was the Khmer Rouge. S-21, the high school turned interrogation prison, also Khmer Rouge. The fact remains that while there is plenty of blame to go around for Cambodian deaths, it was the Khmer Rouge who were the best at being bad: they tore families apart, pulled the country into a deep depression, attempted to destroy culture and religion, and most of them got off without punishment. Sounds like they deserve some pity alright.


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