Finding Inspiration In Any Situation

I’m back in Siem Reap, over the hump of my adventure and on the downward slope towards home (and most especially my lovely Martina). It’s crazy to think about my time drawing to a close, but of course it must.

While in Phnom Penh I started to make real progress on my research regarding disability rights. The highlights of my efforts being some last minutes interviews with a monk and a disabled young man. The interview with the monk was fairly reaffirming, and given more time I think I would be able to meet monks with differing opinions, but the one I did have was good enough. The young man however was a different story.

Day 25: Positive Person in Phnom Penh

Day 25: The wheelchair of this inspiring young man

Everything my wife has been through makes her one of the most inspirational people I know/have ever met, and this kid easily fits into this category too. Despite being unable to walk, having no parents, living with a grandmother who is also disabled, and being incredibly poor this kid has done his best. He has attended school, and is currently taking nice class to learn English. The university has attends doesn’t have an elevator, but thanks to security guards and friends he’s able to make it to the second and third floors when necessary. Maybe he was just putting on a strong face for me, but the kid seemed sincere and optimistic. Moments like this make me love to adventure even more – people will surprise you, and you realize the world really isn’t as bad as we sometimes think.


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