daddy for a month…so far so good

I’ve had so many posts I’ve wanted to write, but just been to busy/lazy and as usual I’ve fallen behind. However, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to write about one the happiest days of my life, the birth of my beautiful son: Boston. I’m sure just about every parent thinks this of their children, but he’s just so perfect.

He’s been around for just over a month now and I wouldn’t trade him for anything! But I’m getting ahead of myself, lets rewind real quick…

Our little family

Our little family

He came a couple weeks early – our visit to the hospital started out as a check up on my wife’s high temprature (101.9F), but it ended with our little blessing. And it was a night of blessings. Since Martina is a paraplegic we thought she might have to have a C-Section, and while this wasn’t a surprise or really that scary, Martina expected a longer than normal recovery. Needless to sy we were grateful that through faith and prayers she had the baby naturally.

I really had no idea what to expect about my little son or about being a parent. So here is a short list of things I’ve learned about Boston over the past month:


  • He has a lot of hair (one of the first things I learned)
  • He has a really strong grip and a surprisingly strong neck
  • He is very fidgety (should have figured after how much he moved in his mommy’s tummy)
  • He loves to be held
  • He occasionally like baths and diaper changes, but not usually

On the flip side, here are a few things I’ve learned about being a parent, or maybe these are things I simply learned about myself as a parent:

  • I have never been more tired in my life, or more happy
  • I worry about things I didn’t use to, like my future 😉
  • My whole life revolves around his needs and wants
  • I am a little more patient than I thought I was…but only a little
  • I love holding my son
  • And lastly: at this stage of the game being a parent is pretty thankless, and yet, it is still so rewarding
Me and my Buddy

Me and my Buddy

I realize I’m still really new at this and we have his whole life to look forward to, and I’m really excited, but also quite nervous. I just hope that I can be the man, nay, the dad he needs me to be. I had a great father, and I hope my son will be able to say the same thing when he’s my age.


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