First Post of 2014

It’s a new year and that means new adventures! I could bore you with my new year’s resolutions and how I’m gonna be a better person this year, how I’m going to make the most of 2014, and share my deeply philosophical insights about life. But I’ll only do that a little. I’m just stoked for another year and the feelings of new beginnings!

We welcomed the new year with family, friends, hot cocoa, and fireworks! It was great and I can’t imagine a much better way to celebrate. Even Boston woke up before the ball dropped and participated in the countdown with us (he was unpleasantly surprised as we all cheered ‘Happy New Year,’ but we manged to keep him from crying).

Our little New Year's Eve group.

Our little New Year’s Eve group.

I’ve got big plans for this year! Martina and I are hoping to do some traveling, we want to work on some photo projects and writing projects, and above all else we just want to adventure!!! So, stick with me as 2014 unfolds and you won’t be disappointed. Cheers!


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