Single Sunday

It’s the start of a new adventure, and Martina is leading the way. She’s already left for New York, but then Boston and I will meet up with her in Las Vegas. We’re actually playing tour guide/host to one Martina’s host families from Brazil (to understand the whole situation check out her blog here).

IMG_1727So for a single day, Sunday, I am a single dad. I realize those parents that deal really with this day-in and day-out are superstars and I’m glad I have my parents and little sister for help. Just having to care for Boston all night on my own was enough to really appreciate just how much Martina does for me and lil’ Boston. And even though Boston can’t tell me he misses his mommy, I can tell that he does. There were times last night that he did not want to be held by me, and he seemed to be looking for someone else to hold him: his mommy; but we worked through it and got through the night. Whew.

Fortunately, in just a few days we’ll be with Martina again. Meeting her host family for the first time in the flesh and seeing every iconic sight we can before they have to go back to Brazil. Here’s an outline of the trip:

New York City: Broadway, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, and more.
Las Vegas: the Strip, Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon (not Vegas, but we’re gonna drive out to it, I mean it’s only 4 hours away after all).
California: San Francisco and it’s golden bridge, LA and it’s traffic jams, the Hollywood sign, and Fresno (to meet Martina’s family).

It’s gonna be a whirlwind trip for all of us, but it’ll be good to get out and adventuring!


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