Natural Born Explorers

Have you ever met someone who doesn’t like to explore? Someone who hates adventure? I don’t think I ever have. Granted, we all explore or adventure in our own ways. Many of us adventure in far off countries – some of us on a shoestring and other with a silver spoon. Many of us explore through the use of the internet or through books. But no matter how you explore, you love it. Why is exploration so central to our lives? What makes us long for adventure? Well, you could say we’re born with it.


What is this? Can I eat it?

This will seem off topic, but I love being a dad. Everyday I see my son learn something new, and in small way, I get to experience the world in a fresh light. Everything is so fascinating to him – from the balloons at a birthday party to the little potato bugs on the sidewalk. He loves to makes silly noises, hit things, bite things, and grab things. He wants to understand everything around him, and with the exception of some of the more dangerous or disgusting items, we encourage him to explore. So from the beginning, we’re explorers.

Exploring is how we learn – about ourselves, about the world, about everything! Life is exploration. Athletes explore the boundaries of human performance, scientists explore the laws of physics, artists explore the possibilities of imagination, and the list goes on.

So if everything we do can be looked at as exploration, if everyday can be a new journey ask yourself: how do you adventure? 


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