Soggy Camping


You mean we’re going to be here all night?

A couple weekends ago (sorry I’m a little behind) some friends invited Martina and I to go camping with them. It was a pretty perfect deal: they would find the camping spot and plan the meals. All we had to do was bring our stuff up and camp. To top it all off, they were bringing their little boys (ages 2 and 6 months) so we didn’t have to feel weird about bringing along our little guy for his first campout! A day away from work, spending time with friends and family, and just relaxing out in nature, how could we say no!

As I mentioned in another post, camping is a great way to escape and recharge from time-to-time. It was fun to sit around watching our kids explore and play in the mud – even though I knew it meant Boston was going to need a major bath. Our kids would follow each other around and share toys. While we adults sat and talked, or just relaxed in the sunshine while a breeze rustled the trees.

As the day progressed, clouds started to fill the sky, not the fluffy kind that look like monkeys and dragonflies. The kind that look like, “Oh crap.” But we decided to stick it out; we were after all having steak, dutch oven potatoes, and dutch oven pumpkin cake for dinner – and I love me some dutch oven cooking. The rain cam – a small trickle – while we ate. We gathered under the tarp over our picnic table and stayed pretty dry. The rain remained light and even stopped. Unfortunately, our friends’ kids were getting really cranky and in the end our friends decided one of them needed to take them home rather than stay another night (we weren’t too far from ours homes and they had come up a day before us). So my friend’s wife packed up the kids and headed home for the night, promising to return for breakfast (again, we were gonna have dutch oven breakfast, so who would want to miss that?).

Not even an hour had passed before the storm gods decided to grace us with their presence. The rain returned, with reinforcements. We did what we could to keep things out of the rain, but it just kept coming. Lightning flashed and thunder rolled. We stayed under the tarp, hoping against hope the rain would subside, but with no luck. In the end we decided to just call it a night. In the short time it took us to get from the picnic table to the tent we each become decidedly more soggy.

The rain, lightning, and thunder continued and though there was a brief let up in the middle of the night, and I thought it was over, the storm gods had tricked me. It started up stronger than before. The tent kept us dry and the new sleeping bags Martina and I bought kept us warm (though Martina needed a couple extra blankets to get to that cozy warm she likes to sleep in). And while it wasn’t the most restful of nights for me, I considered it a blessing that the lightning and thunder didn’t wake Boston up, who I think actually had a really restful night.

When morning came we made a fire, set things out to dry in the sun, and started getting breakfast ready – a hardy mountain man breakfast. I thought Martina was going to be a little cranky about the poor weather, but on the contrary, she was so excited to have made it through the night. She said it made us hard core campers and she was glad we had stuck it out. My wife rocks.

We got home exhausted – weird how relaxing in nature can make me so tired – but it was an awesome adventure. Our friends definitely came through on an awesome weekend, we might even make it an annual event to get together and camp for a weekend during the summer. Annual adventure, count us in!


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