Hiking Y Mountain

Just last week was Labor Day, and I finally fulfilled a promise to Lil’ Holly that I had made at the beginning of the summer: to hike “Y” Mountain with her. 

Before summer had even started, I asked Holly what were some things she wanted to accomplish over the summer. The one thing she said was that she wanted to hike “Y” Mountain. I loved the idea, BYU, and hiking. So I told her we would go. Fast forward through the summer and still no hiking. What the heck?! Nobody warned me that working a real full time job in the US meant that summer was just like the rest of the year – work everyday and run errands on the weekends. And Holly, being the darling she is, never bugged me about hiking because she knew how busy I was feeling at work with a new position and all. But the hike and passing summer weighed on my mind. 


At the end of our hike up Y Mountain

Thankfully, my work takes labor day off and I knew this was the best shot I had to finally take her hiking. I think she was excited, it was her first real hike and I don’t know if she knew what to expect. So when we got there I told her we’d take it nice and slow and for her to be careful on the trail, but I was just wasting my breathe. She was a natural hiker. 

We decided to time our ascent, just to see how fast/slow we could get up the mountain. Now. I’m not in the best shape of my life, but hiking up the mountain reminded me immediately of that fact. The hike isn’t that difficult, it’s steep, but only about 1.2 miles up. No big deal, but man, the shape I’m in is not fit. Holly on the other hand, would run up to the bend of the switchback and then run back. How did it not occur to me that this little soccer player, who runs up and down the field – pretty much nonstop – would out hike me? Duh!

So need less to say, the time it took is to get to the top (34 minutes) was more my time to get to the top, subtract about 10 minutes and that would be Holly’s speed. We hung out on top, went from the top of the Y to the bottom of it. Then we went back down, cause that’s typically what we do on hikes.


Panorama of Utah Valley

It was beautiful to look over the valley, and it was neat to be able to see 3 LDS Temples (one is admittedly still under construction). Holly sure was a trooper for putting up with such a sluggish guy, but it was a great little adventure to take with her. Maybe next time we’ll be able to get up the mountain faster – I’ll just need to do some training first.


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