Adventure Page


(Click on the image to see a map of my adventures)

Adventure to Have:
  • Visit every continent (3/7)
  • Visit all 50 states in the US (20/50)
  • Visit all the US National Parks (6/59)
  • Learn to surf, and then go surfing in Hawaii
  • Kayak in the ocean
  • Snowboard in the Alps
  • Go on an African Photo Safari
  • Visit the Pyramids of Giza
  • Go to Red Sox vs. Yankees @ Fenway
  • Road trip across the US
  • Hike Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Visit Iguaçu Falls
  • Motorcycle trip through Southeast Asia
  • Get scuba certified and go scuba diving in the Caribbean
  • Go to a World Cup Match
  • Watch a game at every MLS stadium
  • Join the Spartan Trifecta Tribe
  • Learn to freedive
  • Learn to snowkite

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