Pitbull in Phnom Penh!?

No, I’m not refering to the type of dog, I’m referring to the hip-hop artist – who I had admittedly never even heard of until I came to Cambodia! Apparently he has a number of popular songs in the US, but here in Cambodia one song reigns supreme: You Know You Want Me. There’s even a Cambodian cover by Preab Sovath (a Cambodian pop artist). Kids who don’t know any English can sing the chorus of the song, and it plays everywhere! It’s so crazy the types of things that become popular in other countries.

He’s so popular in Cambodia he came to Phnom Penh to do a concert. Of course we had to go, or at least the other interns felt we should, and who am I to turn down an international superstar? Especially when the tickets are only $2!?! Technically you had to buy $2 worth of groceries from Lucky Market and give them the receipt. Thinking about it now, I should have gotten a ton of tickets and given them away, because while $2 isn’t a lot to me it’s a lot to other people – I’m sure  it would have brightened someone’s day.

We got there a little early, and the concert grounds were packed! Not just young adults and teenagers either, there were parents, grandparents, and children – this was a total family event. I doubt the same could be said of his concerts in the U.S.

Proof it happened

The opening bands were all Cambodian – no surprise – and I didn’t understand much at all, but it was still fun. After several bands, Pitbull finally came on – we stayed for a few songs and decided we’d had enough. Overall, it was a fun experience, and gave me a taste of the type of entertainment that Cambodians are interested in.

**Here’s an article on the Phnom Penh Post about the event here**