It’s October and that means the seasons are changing and various holidays will soon be upon us. The holiday nearest is Halloween. To those of you who have outgrown this “sweet” holiday of masks, mischief, and more candy, I say: don’t give up! This is a holiday that doesn’t just belong to the young, but to the young at heart. Though you may get shunned if you were to trick-or-treat, there is no reason that you can’t find something that you enjoy about the holiday. My Halloween adventure typically involves movies, some sweet treats and the ever classic pumpkin carving.

A rather dull Saturday night turned into an art fest by simply going to the grocery store. Ben and I were going to pick up a favorite beverage of ours: Apple beer (it’s non-alcoholic, like ginger ale or root beer) when I got a call from Martina. She and a roommate of hers were also bored and since its October, and pumpkins are cheap, we picked up one for each of us. With Apple Beer and pumpkins in hand we met up at Martina’s apartment to get down to business. We had it all: good company, good music (Weezer, not Halloween, but always fun), Apple Beer, and our trusty pumpkins. Now, what to carve?

my pumpkin is on the far right

my pumpkin is on the far right

Picking a design is always the tricky part. Do I get a design from the internet and look like a pro? Or should I try to be original? Putting that question aside, I cut off the top and cleaned out the guts, hoping that my design dilemma would resolve itself. Of course it didn’t. While everyone else drew faces on their pumpkins to know where to cut I stared blankly at mine. I looked at my pumpkin as it lay on its side, it wasn’t able to stay standing vertically so I had an oblong pumpkin to work with – still nothing came to mind. Until finally, I thought of a classic hero, Mario. So I took the sharpie and drew eyes, a nose and a mustache. I diligently cut away for about 40 minutes until it was finished. While looking at my pumpkin it may not be obvious that that face is Mario, consider it my abstract interpretation of him, rather than a lookalike. All in all I was happy with my pumpkin and happy with the pumpkins that my friends had created. I was especially happy that our simple adventure to the grocery store turned into something more fun. You never know when adventure will call, its that impromptu spontaneity that makes an adventure that much more memorable. I mean come on, be adventurous! Until next time, adventure on!