It’s Been Awhile

Well, well, well, will you look at the date.  It has been months since I last posted.  Sorry.  I’m sure everyone can understand that sometimes life gets the best of us and we have to prioritize.  And while blogging is a great deal of fun, I just had to let it slide.  Be honest, you’d do the same thing if you had college, family, girlfriend, work, and church all asking you for your time.

Writing always seems to be a drawn out process with me, first I have to think of a reason to post and then I have to come up with a clever title, witty sentences, neat pictures, and before you know it, the event I wanted to post about has come and is long gone.  With that said, let me give you my game plan: I still want to post some pics and short blurbs about the final days of my

Time for some serious adventure!

internship, but I also have a new adventure that I’m going to embark on.  This one is “local” and more culinary focussed.  So, I hope you will bear with me as I try to bring you these things to life.  Thanks to you for reading; while I write just for fun it’s nice to know that at least one other person sees this stuff  too.  For now, I hope you can find, or make, some adventures of your own.