Winter Wonderland

Snow is here, and you know what that means… it’s finally winter!! To me it just doesn’t seem like winter without snow. In fact, if there wasn’t snow there would be no way I could live in a cold place. Cold without snow seems so pointless. It is fair to say that snow is only fun if you have something to do in it. Snow angels, sledding, building snowmen, and snowballs fights are a few of the unique opportunities that come around during winter here in Utah. However, it is some of the more extreme sports that really get me excited for winter; namely snowboarding.

With an intro like that you’re probably expecting me to start talking about where I snowboard, some trick I’m learning, or some accident I got in. If you were thinking that, then you would be wrong. If you weren’t thinking that, lets see if you guessed right: skiing. I’m going to talk about skiing. Don’t worry, I won’t get into the skier v boarder debate. Even though I’m a snowboarder I recently took some ski lessons and I have to say that it was quite the adventure.

After our first lesson

I haven’t been a boarder long; more like an on again, off again sorta relationship. It’s an expensive sport and that’s made it difficult to get seriously into until recently. Snowboarding is what I’ve always wanted to do though. I use to play the N64 snowboard games, look at the cheap ones you can buy at Walmart, and really looked forward to one day going. Skiing had never really crossed my mind, despite my dad being a skier. That is until a local newspaper offered cheap rentals and cheap lessons to one of the nicer resorts in the state (Alta Ski Resort). In fact, this resort is a skier only resort, so if I was ever going to get into the resort I had to ski. To top it off, my mom (who is a long time hater of snow) decided she would try so that we could spend time as a family on the slopes.

I won’t go into all the details of this my skiing adventure, but I have to say that at first it was less than thrilling. When we first started lessons there wasn’t much snow. Just the stuff that the resort makes themselves. Not much fun. Then we got to go on the bunny hills, which was better but, I wanted bigger. I wanted faster. I also wanted more snow, because man made snow is basically ice. A little background: I didn’t take lessons to learn to snowboard. I geared up, went up the chair lift, and came down the beginner’s slope. The only teaching I got was from other boarders on the mountain. With that in mind you can see why these lessons seemed a little dull.

I was catching on and skiing was becoming exciting to me. Despite my desires to board I really put effort into leaning how to ski. So when the last of the three lessons came and we were told we would be heading up the mountain I nearly leapt out of my boots. To add to this, it was snowing and the mountain was slowly but surely being covered in fresh powder. This was the moment I had been waiting for. Going down the mountain, making turns, going through powder, and even trying a small jump: pure ecstasy. Don’t get me wrong, I look forward to being on a board again, but skiers and snowboarders are just children of the winter. Skiing has been an exciting adventure and I look forward to continuing it along with boarding. There’s snow out there, be careful and as always, adventure on!!