D.C. to Providence

We were really excited about our trip back East, and while it was a great trip, we also had a lot of frustrations.

We landed in Washington D.C. on a Wednesday afternoon – I love flying into our nation’sDSC_0766 capital and seeing the monuments, it just feels so very patriotic. We had planned to visit the Mall (the monuments) that night with a professor and some other students, but what we hadn’t realized was just how far our hotel was from everything. It was a little frustrating, but we did get to go to this nice little local diner for dinner, so it wasn’t so bad after all.

The next day we had some issues getting to our first worksite visit and played catchup for the better half of the day – which was really frustrating, made all the more frustrating because BYUPAS hadn’t given us more group contact info so we couldn’t contact the group (and it has been my experience that the majority of BYU students are notorious for ignoring emails, figuring someone else will help/contact the persons requesting help).

DSC_0778Nevertheless, we had a great rest of the week. We met some great people, had the chance to tour the Pentagon, visit with BYU Alum who are having successful careers in Washington, and hear from some really interesting individuals.  After the drama of Thursday everything was looking great, until it came time to go to Rhode Island.

In a nutshell: there had been an incident on the tracks between Boston and New York so they cancelled our train (forgive me if I sound insensitive to those involved in the accident, I hadn’t realized it was an accident until we got to NYC ). We rode as far as New York and waited for a few hours until our bus was to leave – only to miss our bus by minutes. If it hadn’t been for my friend Hayley who lives in NYC and was willing to let us stay over on such short notice it would have been a truly terrible night. In the end, we made it to Rhode Island and started the second leg of our East Coast Adventure.

During all this I couldn’t help but wonder why? Normally we don’t have too many issues when we travel, and we had worked it out to make it easy on ourselves, but in the adventure of life sometimes things don’t work out the way we planned – no one is immune to this. And while I can sit here now and appreciate the moral learned I sure didn’t enjoy it at the time. For better or worse, this adventure was one we won’t soon forget.